Places Spotted in Los Angeles

Koreatown LA

Located at the intersection of Wilshire and Western, the Wiltern Theatre and Pellissier Building is an Art Deco building decorated with blue-green terra cotta tiles. It was originally built in 1931, called the Warner Brothers Western Theater, and was designed as a vaudeville theater. Today, the Wiltern serves as a live-performance venue, hosting concerts & comedy shows.
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Posted: June 14, 2019, 7:52 am
Thai restaurant on the the second floor of the mini-mall on the southwest corner of Western Avenue and 3rd Street.
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A a quiet "study" cafe where readers and laptop users spend hours nursing a cup of coffee or oolong tea, with a large coconut macaroon or slice of Sweet Lady Jane cake... Known for having soy milk available, which is a great consideration for the lactose intolerant.
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The larger of the two post offices serving the Koreatown area
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Convenience store on the northwest corner of Wilshire & Oxford... Chase Bank ATMs are right across the street.
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MADANG is a three-level shopping and entertainment complex located just north of Wilshire Boulevard on the western side of Western Avenue. MALL DIRECTORY
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진솔국밥 Jin Sol Guk Bap is a Korean restaurant. Menu includes Jeju pork noodle soup (고기국수).
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Japanese-run sushi restaurant on Beverly Boulevard. On the menu: Truffle Kanpachi (amberjack), Asahi It’s your neighborhood hipster sushi hangout.  Solid food at a reasonable price, and done in a more Japanese style than you’ll often find in our beloved Ktown.  It’s cash only though, so be sure to carry paper. – Ryan M. For 30 years! NOSHI SUSHI 06/24/2016 90.0 RESTAURANT (61-150) SEATS
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The library is named after Pío de Jesús Pico, the last Mexican governor of Alta California. He died in 1894.
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Current location: 1057 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006 Phone number: (213) 361-2502
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