Organic Kiwi

There are two brands of organic kiwi I’ve now taken note of: Cal-King and Melissa’s

Melissa’s Certified Organic Produce Kiwi: 8 pieces in a bag
Price at California Market in early April 2009: $1.99

Cal-King California Kiwifruit: 7 pieces in a plastic case
Price at HK Super in March 2009: $0.99.
Price at California Market in April 2009: $2.49
13 ounces / 369 grams

I don’t want to be judgmental on the companies that supply fruit to the grocery stores. There are a lot of things that could happen to the kiwi from the time they are picked to the time I take them home. The trucks and especially the supermarkets themselves can manhandle the fruit or subject them to sharp changes in temperature.

But based on my experience, all things being equal, particularly the price, if given a choice between Cal-King and Melissa’s, I’d go with Cal-King. The plastic case protects the kiwi more and the packaging is spiffier.

Cal-King Kiwifruit  by Cal-Havest, Hanford CA 93230.

Serving Size 2 medium kiwifruit (148 grams)
Sticker on the fruit says: 94030. Cal-King Organic Kiwifruit. Produce of USA.

Melissa’s Kiwifruit
Serving size 1 medium kiwi (76 grams)
Sticker on fruit: California Organic Kiwifruit. Produce of USA. 94030

CALIFORNIA KIWIFRUIT. Kiwifruit is ready-to-eat when slightly soft, similar to an avocado. Kiwifruit will keep best if refrigerated after ripening. Ripen at room temperature. You can hasten ripening by enclosing an apple or banana with the kiwifruit in a brown paper bag during the ripening period.