My First Digg Success!!

Visiting Digg this morning, I was surprised to see SunnyinLA (me!) on the front page! Here’s the screenshot at around 7 AM.


It’s the one titled “Don’t Bug The Person Who Wants To Be Alone.”

I digg and submit stories all the time, not really expecting to be on the front page, because according to the experts, you need a horde of Digg friends to push you out there…

I have seen it happen where a story I submitted reaches the front page as submitted by someone else later than I did — clearly a duplicate story that should have been buried — but she had an expansive Digg posse behind her.

Yesterday, I had just two friends on Digg. One is very popular, and he dugg my submission early on, so maybe his friends saw it on his page and gave me the boost. I’ve been trying to reciprocate the friendships, but Digg gave me this message:

Friend not added. You have been adding friends too quickly.
Please wait a while then try again.

Anyway, I didn’t get much additional website traffic… because it’s not an original story by me. It’s from Psychology Today.

I dugg it because it reminded me of an NYT article about a man who was always being forced by his parents to socialize more — they even pressured him to get a girlfriend. Eventually, he killed himself. A psychologist then concluded that his personality type is that of someone who is happy being by himself. He was made miserable by the people around him who thought he couldn’t possibly be happy just being by himself.

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