Cal-King California Kiwifruit

Kiwi is one of my all-time favorite fruits, but it’s hard for a non-foodie like me to figure out the likelihood of it being good just by looking at it. My only criterion when it comes to buying them is how well they respond to my fingers lightly squeezing them. If they’re firm, I get them. If they’re too soft, I pass. I’d rather have a sour kiwifruit, than one that’s overripe. Not sure if that even makes sense, but that’s how I go about shopping for kiwi.

Cal-King California Organic Kiwifruit

The kiwi I prefer to look at are of course the ones that are piled up without packaging. That way, I can touch them for inspection. So I was at HK Super but as always their unpackaged kiwis were soft. I had bought one before just for the heck of it (I really needed my kiwi fix), but it tasted awful. What to do? Off to the side, there was a stack of transparent plastic cases, each containing about six or seven kiwi.
I’m the type who doesn’t like to give the impression that I’m finicky with food, which to me means a prohibition against opening a plastic case to finger the kiwi inside. I checked underneath the case, found no fruit stains and then cooly put it in my basket.

Once home, I eagerly opened my trove and to my delight found the kiwi very firm to my touch. But what’s this? One fruit had a sticker that said ORGANIC KIWIFRUIT.  Uh-oh, that means it’s expensive. I scanned my receipt and it said CAL-KING KIWI $0.99.

Huh? Ninety-nine cents for more than a half dozen organic kiwi??? Was it a mistake? Then I thought about all the stories I had heard about great produce finds at HK. One girl had said she bought a package of organic blueberries for also just 99 cents. It’s true!

Now for the taste… By this time, I felt had treasure on my hands, so I told myself to wait at least a day more for the kiwi to ripen. If I slice into one when it’s this firm, it’s likely to be very sour and I’ll just end up throwing it away. I waited two days, and oh, wow! They tasted great! I had four at one go!
The label on the outside of the case is simple. Cal-King CALIFORNIA KIWIFRUIT. Net Weight 13 ounces / 369 grams. Cal-Havest, Hanford CA 93230. Produce of USA. On the label’s back, whichh you can read only if you open the case, there’s the Nutrition Facts.

Cal-King Kiwifruit Can Help:

  • Fight Heart Disease
  • Repair DNA (!)
  • Protect Against Cancer (!)
  • More Nutrients per Calorie than any other fruit.

Serving Size 2 medium kiwifruit (148 grams)
Amount Per Serving. Calories 100. Calories from Fat 10.
No Saturated Fat, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, No Sodium.
Total Carbohydrate 24 grams. 8% of RDA. Dietary Fiber 4 grams 20% of RDA.
Vitamin C   240%. Rich in Lutein. Vitamin E 10%. Potassium 14%. Copper 8%.
More Health Info & Recipes at
The little sticker on the fruit says: 94030. Cal-King Organic Kiwifruit. Produce of USA.

Available at HK Super for $0.99 as of March 2009.
Saw it as California Market selling for $2.49 in April 2009.

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