Brita Pitcher Filters

Brita Pitcher Filters, 6-Pack

Affordable, convenient way of filtering tap water for drinking!

Rather than buy bottled water for regular consumption, I use tap water that’s filtered through a Brita pitcher with a replaceable filter.

The instructions say to replace with a new filter every 40 gallons or about two months for the average family. I notice that carbon granules start appearing in the upper chamber (not in the filtered water below) at about one month, and that’s my cue to put in a new one. You can taste the difference!

A single filter costs $8.99 plus tax at CVS pharmacy as of March 2009.  Buy in bulk, such as in a six-pack or three-pack, instead of individually, and they will each cost less. This is a deal considering how much bottled water is. It’s also environmentally friendlier.

You do have to soak a new filter for 15 minutes before using. But overall, this is an affordable, convenient way to get clean drinking water.