Vegan Candy, Cookies and Snack Bars

Trader Joe’s has identified the following candies, cookies and snack bars as among the vegan products they sell at their stores:

70% Dark Chocolate Bars
72% Dark Chocolate  
73% Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils
Assorted Fruit Jellies

Black Licorice Scottie Dogs
Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats
Chocolate Covered Spicy Mango Pieces
Concerto Dark Chocolate Batons
Ginger Chews

Mini Café Twist Cookies
Organic Animal Crackers
Organic Pops
Pounds Plus Chocolate Bars (Bittersweet, Bittersweet w/ Almonds)
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
The Chocolate Traveler

Traditional Licorice
Unsweetened Belgian Baking Chocolate
Valrhona 56% Cacao

Chocolate Chip Fruit & Nut Bar
Trail Mix Fruit & Nut Bar