Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious Yogurt

Yes, she trademarked the phrase “Wickedly Delicious” and the foil lid also states “No Artificial Growth Hormones. Honest.” Cute, eh?

I discovered this for the first time at the Korean supermarket Assi, of all places. Retail price: $1.49.  Later heard that this brand has been around for a while. The packaging sure is cool.

Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Low-Fat Yogurt
The flavor I selected was “Plum Honey Lavender” which is supposed to represent CALM.  A description of the product states that it is “Blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction.”

“Spoon. Savor. Stretch. Sign. Trust calming notes of lavender to satisfy the senses and soothe the soul. Sweet.” Must admit it made me feel good while eating it. It’s sweet but not overly.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Grade A pasteurized nonfat milk, evaporated cane juice, cream, plums, honey, natural lavender flavor, natural flavors, pectin, agar, vegetable juice (for color), DHA algal oil, live and active cultures: L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, L. casei.

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Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Eggs

These are okay. Chino Valley Ranchers is the only organic brand of eggs available at the Korean supermarkets. Trader Joe’s organic eggs are cheaper with no noticeable taste difference. Refrigerate after purchase. Keep refrigerated at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below. CERTIFIED ORGANIC FREE RANGE BROWN EGGS. 100% PURE ORGANIC EGGS. KOSHER. SIX FARM FRESH EGGS. […]

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O Organics Grade A Brown Eggs (Safeway)

O Organics is the store brand of Vons / Safeway. I’m usually skeptical of supermarket brands, but the flavor of these eggs is heavenly when hardboiled. The yolk is light yellow and tastes rich. The white part is thin, which is irrelevant to me, but I do appreciate that there are no speckles of blood in the white as I’ve seen in other organic eggs. (I’ve been told that blood speckles don’t correlate with hens’ happiness, but I’d rather have no red in my eggs.)

Grade A Large Brown Eggs from Free-Roaming Hens

Organic Grade A Large Brown Eggs – 12 Count

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