TJ’s Organic Free-Range Eggs

12 Medium Grade AA Brown Eggs from Free-Range Chickens.




Picture of Trader Joe's Organic Free-Range Eggs

Truth be told, I can’t get myself to eat regular eggs anymore. I know it may be just psychological. Maybe “organic” eggs are not substantially better than eggs from chicken reared on antibiotics. Still my mind is more at ease when I seeĀ  No Antibiotics. All Natural Feed. on the carton.

Organic eggs can so expensive. I just saw a six-pack being sold for $4.99 at California Market. That’s why I love Trader Joe’s. They deftly negotiate with buyers so that I can buy a dozen for just $2.79. Yup, that’s the price!

Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Kosher.

Egg Carton Made From 100% Reclaimed Paper. UPC 00908337

Keep Refrigerated at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

NUTRITION FACTS: 1 serving size is 1 egg (44 grams). 12 servings
Each serving is 70 calories, 35 of those calories from fat
Total fat is 4 grams. Saturated fat is 1.5 grams, which is 8% of DV.
No trans fat. No carbohydrates. 55 milligrams of sodium.
6 grams of protein (10% of Daily Values).

Not a significant source of Dietary Fiber or Sugars.

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