Easter Chocolates, Candy and Treats

Selling novelty is one of the greatest marketing techniques. I’m always amazed at the variety of themed candy that the confectionery companies put out when a holiday comes around. You just feel so compelled to try them. For instance, during Easter!

Hershey’s Bliss Eggs

Easter M&M’s :
Speck-tacular Eggs  (Milk Chocolate)
Bunny Mix (Peanut)

M&M Mars Easter Miniatures

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs — KING size! Double the peanut butter!
Reese’s Pieces carrot

Easter Pez push pop toppers

Fluffy Stuff cotton candy

Dove Chocolate Bunny, Dove Easter Promises

Russell Stover 6 Marshmallow Eggs covered in milk chocolate
Russell Stover Flatback Rabbits — solid milk chocolate!!!
Russell Stover Coconut Nest covered in milk chocolate (2016)

Lindt Gold Bunny and Lindt Chicks

Galerie Seek and Ye Shall Find 8 Candy Filled Eggs

Gimbal’s Fine Candies 41 Flavors Gourmet Jelly Beans

Palmer Milk Chocolate Flavored Easter Eggs

Brach’s spiced jelly bird eggs, Brach’s classic jelly bird eggs
Brach’s Malted Milk Eggs
Brach’s 8 chocolate-covered marshmallow rabbits

Ferrero Rocher Bunny and Egg

Peeps — now available sugar free!

From the makers of Whoppers malted milk balls: Robin Eggs malted milk candy

Palmer Chocolate Hollow Molds

Dandee Plush with Candy

Galerie plush toys  with candy
Galerie edible easter grass — imported from Germany!!!

Parsnip Pete

Hide Em & Find Em

Peter Rabbit

Eggbert chocolate bunny

Melster Marshmallow Eggs

Easter cookie tins

Date of Easter Sunday this year is April 12, 2009.