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The thing about GoDaddy is that its customer reps are well trained to be very polite and nice over the phone when you call in to complain about some aspect of their service. But the undeniable fact is that their servers are just way too overloaded.
As for their alleged 99.99% uptime, I’m surprised GoDaddy hasn’t yet been hit with a class-action lawsuit over it. Their sites are always down and inaccessible, making their claim a case of false advertising.
My advice is to try out another hosting company just to feel the difference. That’s what I did with Hostgator, with which I’ve placed all my small sites, and the difference is noticeable. They’ve got cPanel and allow unlimited add-on domains (the catch being that you can’t go over a set number of “inodes” but if your websites get only moderate traffic it won’t matter).

Hostgator’s customer service is spotty — they seem to assign inexperienced people to handle chat, and the slightly more knowledgeable reps to answer the phones. I understand it’s not economically feasible to have experts fielding inquiries from shared hosting customers, which is why my most important site is not cheaply hosted.

But that’s another story. To summarize what I’ve learned, if you want cheap shared hosting for your websites that don’t get that much traffic, it is without a doubt better to go with Hostgator than GoDaddy.