Someday, my depression will lift and I’ll climb out of this hole you dumped me in. 


I’ll remember you for throwing me under the bus right when I was most vulnerable and unable to help myself. 


Amazing how you set out to destroy what could’ve been a strong business relationship rooted in deep gratitude… And for the non-business personal stuff, you clearly proved you had no intention of being a friend. 


I advocated for you repeatedly. I sacrificed all the trust and respect people had for me in order to vouch for you. To that, your only focus was on humiliating me. I don’t mind losing face, but did you really have to sabotage my longstanding business relationships, turn 20 years of my work into nothing, and financially wreck me? Was it that much fun? Destroying my life was that much fun? You enjoyed yourself a lot? 


Whatever you got out of this whole thing, I hope it was worth it to you. Because I’m that stupid a person. I still hope that the motherfckers like you who get their kicks out of butchering innocent lives at least got some satisfaction out of it.